There are 3 members in CHEZ KIKI now, including KIKI, Nato(KIKI's brother), and Trista(KIKI's sister). We love traveling. We love going some place far away to experience. We believe that every travel has its meaning, for you and for me.

The birth of CHEZ KIKI is also a whole new travel.

Kaohsiung is our hometown, is our life from childhood to a grown-up. CHEZ KIKI is our home in city, our home in childhood. Though this apartment is not young, we have lots of warm memories in it. So we tried, brainstormed, enthuzed to give it a new meaning, make it go for a new travel in new generation.

This is our home, we hope you to see it so, we hope you to feel easy and relaxed as experiencing the city life in Kaohsiung. We hope you living in traveling.

And we will be with you, traveling in living. No matter how long we lived here, Kaohsiung is still changing, growing. More interesting stores, more unfound corners, more delicious foods, sparkling city life is performing every day. Kaohsiung is more and more every day.

We don't mean to mark what CHEZ KIKI is. We want everything natural here. People know each other, respect and communicate with each other naturally. Try to see everyone as a friend, even a family. Try to talk with your roommate, this probably the last time you meet in your life.

Here would be a shared space because of everyone's coming. Right here in Kaohsiung, we make friends with the world. Mr Chu Ping ever said, "In 100 choices, save one for your sensibility and uniqueness." Changes always start from few people.

In CHEZ KIKI, we have some simple rules that need to be followed.

Mind your volume │ Do the right things in the right time. Don't be too excited in the rest time.
No stealing │ If you bring it accidentally, please send it back to its owner.
Keep clean │ comfortable body, comfortable traveling.
Remember to close and lock the door │ The door exists for a reason.
No smoking. No drugs. Don't drink too much │ Exercise better than smoking. Chocolates better than drugs. Tea better than beer.
Cherish public property, put it back after using │ Every single thing is cherished by someone.
Economize and recycle │ We have only one earth. If we start from ourselves, others would follow.

If you have other roommates, please respect each other. Respect is always the best way to get along with others. Rules are common consensuses in life. In CHEZ KIKI, the most immportant common consensus is to fell asleep with your smile :)




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