Purple Butterfly Valleys in Maolin, Kaohsiung │ 茂林‧紫蝶幽谷



Every winter, it is conservatively estimated that at least a million Euploeini butterflies glide on purple wings to the holy mountain of the Rukai and Paiwan Tribes in south Taiwan and take shelter in warm valleys at the foot of Dawu Mountain. About six hundred thousand butterflies winter in "Purple Butterfly Valley", which along with the Monarch butterfly's winter home in Mexico is one of only two mass wintering sites known in the world. "Purple Butterfly Valleys" exist only in the medium and low altitude regions of Kaohsiung, Pingtung and Taitung counties, in the traditional homelands of the Paiwan and Rukai tribes. At present there are about twenty butterfly gathering places known in the area, and the Maolin area of Kaohsiung is home to at least seven.

每年冬天,保守估計至少有超過百萬隻紫斑蝶會乘著滑翔翼般造型的紫翅膀,來到南台灣魯凱、排灣族人的聖山 ─ 大武山腳下溫暖避風的山谷,形成最高可達100萬隻以上的越冬集團「紫蝶幽谷」,和太平洋彼端的墨西哥「帝王斑蝶谷」,併列為目前世界兩種大規模「越冬型蝴蝶谷」。「紫蝶幽谷」只分布在排灣、魯凱族人世居的高雄、屏東及台東縣中低海拔山區,目前已知的紫蝶谷約30處,其中最密集的高雄縣(現在應該是隸屬高雄市了)茂林地區至少有7個紫蝶幽谷。為了保護這珍貴的自然生態資源,想要前往紫蝶幽谷,最好向茂管處預約,由解說員帶領前往參觀,經由他們的解說,對紫斑蝶的生態也將會更了解。



Purple Butterfly Valleys in Maolin, Kaohsiung 

The “2013/ 2014 Maolin Purple Butterfly Valley Biannual Viewing Activity” will be held by the Maolin Administration and will run from the 11th of November 2013 until the 31th of March next year. Guests may book guided tours on the Maolin National Scenic Area Administration website.

“2013/ 2014 Maolin Purple Butterfly Valley Biannual Viewing Activity”




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