Fongshan Cultural Tour Bus │鳳山假日文化公車

Fongshan Culture Tour Bus      鳳山假日文化公車

鳳山是一座蘊含豐富的歷史文化氣息和飽滿生活能量的古老小鎮曾經是臺南(府城)以南最繁華的縣城,也是南臺灣最重要的古邑,建城三百年來,歷史底蘊和庶民文化的軌跡,在鳳山的古蹟、巷弄與市集中持續發酵。「鳳儀書院」(台灣現存規模最大的書院) 代表當年的文風鼎盛,砲臺遺蹟顯示當年的軍事、政經地位,轄境內「曹公圳」渠道密佈,更奠定鳳山富庶繁榮的基礎。

鳳山假日文化公車除了帶你穿梭於這些歷史巷弄,沿途也盡是鳳山傳統美食。會經過目前人氣很高的 大東文化藝術中心 (全台灣第一座藝術圖書館);早上就出發的話,可以順道去充滿元氣的有機小農市集 微風市集 逛逛(高雄地區的有機小農會在現場解說他們出產的農作,也有一些鄉下的手做糕餅、小吃、咖啡的攤子;從平成砲台徒步約15分鐘)。



The Fongshan Cultural Tour Buses are now on the Road !
With an one day pass, you can easily navigate into the locals and enjoy the beauty of the heritages! 
Come and experience the legacies of the past of Fongshan ! 
Fongshan is one of the earliest developed villages in Taiwan. Therefore, many famous historical sites, such as Fongyi Tutorial Academy the most comprehensive tutorial academy in Taiwan during the Qing Dynasty, and the Old Caogong Canal, are located within the City. 

Thought  the importance of Fongshan was replaced by the west side of Kaohsiung after the Japanese Colonial Government started to develop the Kaohsiung Harbor(Hamasan) in the early 20th century, there are still many ancient buildings and old-time popular cultures, can be traced back to the Qing Dynasty, worth remembering and admiring there. 

If you are an art/architecture fan, do not miss the the brand new Da-Dong Art Center. The center was constructed as a joint project with Taiwanese and Dutch architects, and is regarded as a world-class arts venue. The Da-Dong Art Library, said to be the first ever art-themed public library in Taiwan, has a collection of 150,000 items, on a range of art forms, including music, dance, theater, architecture, photography, and film.

Drop by the energetic Breeze Market, the biggest organic farm products market in Kaohsiung, if you plan to go to Fongshan on Saturday morning. Yummy&natural foods made by local organic farmers and organic Cafes are available there. 

Route of the Fongshan Culture Tour Bus    路線圖
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Fongshan Cultural Tour Bus

Route│The Fongshan old twon area
How to ride│Jump on the loop bus at any stop.
Can take as many rides as possible within one day.
Runs every 30 mins from 10:00-18:00.
Available on weekends and holidays
Fare│50 ntd/ one day pass. Sold in each bus.

Sightseeing Spots & Local Foods in Fongshan  美食景點
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