FREE LOAN of Digital Tour Buddy and 3G Simcard for All Foreign Travelers │ 台灣的寶貝機服務

發現這個travel friendly好消息 ! 和大家分享 !
以後來台灣玩可以省下貴鬆鬆的手機漫遊費用了 !

有關寶貝機:寶貝機 (Digital Tour Buddy) ,內鍵旅遊服務電話,有 24 小時旅遊諮詢熱線、外國人在台生活免費服務、旅遊諮詢服務中心 (青年志工中心台北旗艦店) 、台灣 Youth Hostel 訂房和計程車英語訂車系統,即時解決旅遊者的疑難雜症。寶貝機的中英文翻譯功能,讓國際背包客在台灣可以順暢溝通。寶貝機的簡訊與直撥功能,讓背包客與家 人、友人連絡不斷線。寶貝機通話儲值卡,在便利商店、中華電信門市都可以購買或加值。

為鼓勵國際背包客使用寶貝機服務措施,自2011年1月1日至12月31日,申請借用寶貝機者(含線上申請與現場申請),由行政院青輔會提供定額撥號NT$100元免費通話費 !

申請實施時間: 2010年9月15日起至2012年12月31日止

申請對象: 適用對象為來台主要目的以背包客方式旅遊之國際旅客(註:持短期入境簽證,目的別為觀光旅行或學習者為限。非屬本項目者,不予借用)。


寶貝機(手機+2G Simcard)功能及配備

1) 話機通訊收話。
2) 生活簡訊(不定期提供一般旅遊及相關新聞資訊、折扣優惠)。
3) 簡速撥號(包括觀光局旅遊諮詢24小時服務熱線、外國人在台生活諮詢專線、行政院青輔會台北市青年志工中心、中華民國國際青年之家協會、大台北地區計程車服務專線等)
4) 字典功能
5) 含門號、基本配備(OKWAP A272-手機、SIM卡、鋰電池、充電器、操作手冊、使用手冊)、環保袋。

除了寶貝機也可以用借3G 門號Sim Card。其功能及之配備:

1) 含3G門號Simcard、使用手冊及環保袋。(不含手機,申借者需自行搭配個人手機使用):
2) 生活簡訊(不定期提供一般旅遊及相關新聞資訊、折扣優惠)。

       有關寶貝機和3G Simcard的申請程序及其他更多詳細規定和資訊請詳青輔會官網

FREE LOAN of Digital Tour Buddy and 3G Simcard for All Foreign Travelers in Tawian !

The Digital Tour Buddy, the whole new travel service system now works by the National Youth Commission in Taiwan . It is a brand new travel service for the international backpackers to solve the language barrier when they travel in Taiwan . The Digital Tour Buddy offers 24-hour service hotline to help foreigners obtain all the travel and services information. Besides, it has in-built dictionary function of English-Chinese translation for backpackers enable to communicate without language problems. If the travelers are confused about where to stay or how to approach a local attraction, the English booking system of the youth hostel and the taxies has set up the one-key dials in the Digital Tour Buddy to solve a lot of the problems that overseas visitors might face. The application method just simply clicks your finger, and then you can have a quick book of a free Digital Tour Buddy via http://youthtravel.tw .

In order to encourage backpackers to make use of Digital Tour Buddy service, from 1st January date to 31st December, 2011, The borrowers will be given NT$100 worth of free calls by the National Youth Commission.

So, why not take advantage on this terrific travel opportunity as traveling Taiwan !

1) Effective dates:
From September 15, 2010 date to December 31st, 2012

2) Target applicants:
1. International backpackers entering and visiting Taiwan (using a special short-term entry visa, limited to those who are sightseeing or studying). People outside of this category will not be eligible.
2. Each traveler will be limited to one application per entry into Taiwan . There are two types of application. Rules of use.

a. Before-entry application: the maximum period of each loan will be 30 days.
b. After-entry application: the maximum period of each loan will be 15 days.

3) Digital Tour Buddy (Cell phone and 2G Simcard) functions and equipment.

1. Digital Tour Buddy functions:

(a) Phone calls and text message
(b) Brief messages to assist with daily life (providing general travel news and related news, at concessionary rates.)
(c) Speed dialing (including 24-hour Bureau of Tourism tourist information hotline, the special hotline for foreigners in Taiwan, the National Youth Commission’s Taipei Youth Volunteer Center, Taiwan Youth Hostel and Taipei Taxi service hotline)
(d) Dictionary
(e) Includes a cell phone account, and basic equipment (OKWAP A272-Cell phone, SIM card, lithium cell, battery charger, operations manual, notice and user instructions), and an environmentally friendly phone bag.

4) 3G Simcard functions and equipment.

1. Includes a 3G Simcard, notice and user instructions, and an environmentally friendly phone bag. (A cell phone will not be provided, and you will need to bring one on your own).

2. Text messages (regular updates on general travel news, information, and discounts).

      For More detail information and related regulation please check the official website of the Youth Travel in Taiwan.




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